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Answer for Perez Hilton's blog that was to long! About Sarah, Music etc.

Hi all!

Okay! After  I have read ALL your comments on Sarah I was a bit shocked.
 I'm from Denmark and well okay if she's gay or not that shouldn't be an issue here.
 She has the X-factor !
All the way through the competition I thought she should win, however her last performance wasn't her best by a long shot. The week before the final she performed a Annie Lennox  - Sweet Dreams with the DJ KATO and that was AWSOME!!!  And in the final she sang with a group called "Carpark North" that performance was way better than her Gaga performance.

But If the other young contestant Babou had been gay would you have written about him then? 
I was just thinking, because he was just as good as Sarah during the contest. Singing "Baby by Justin Bieber" and Usher's "DJ got us falling in Love" he was awsome. In the final he sings One Republic's "All the Right Moves and well he could just aswell have won the competition.

The last contestant Annelouise sang Sia's "Breathe Me" in the final and ohh GOD I got goosebumps that's how good she was, but then again it was what the viewers wanted that determined who won!

Was it the right one who won final! Maybe maybe not!

But now you ALL need a bit of history about DENMARK and having the freedom of speeche!!!
What the FUCK are you doing!! If you want to diss a country for having NO talent - You maybe should do your homework first!
Did you know that a Danish guy has co-produced Lady Gaga's single "Born this way"
Did you know that ohh well LARS ULRICH from Metallica is from Denmark and he started the band by putting an add in The Recycler, where he met a guy called Hugh Tanner that was friends with James Hetfield and that's how it began!
Other bands you may have heard about or not, however they are freaking awsome:

Volbeat= Hot hot
Safri Duo
DJ KATO= Hot hot
Mercenary = Heavy/death/trash metal
Spleen United
The Raveonettes
PRIVATE = Hot hot
Oh No Ono= Special retro/different sound
Figurines= 60's sound and more/they are just cool
Nephew who made a version of The Way I are with Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E - better than the original youtube it if you don't believe me
Dúné - Freaking Awsome "Let go of your love" youtube it! They actually sang with one of the X-factor finalists last year
Grand Avenue
D-A-D /before called Disneyland After Dark, however they were forbidden to call themselfs that name
The Blue Van
Famous Danish producers:
 Soulshock. He has written and produced numbers for
Whitney Houston/Heartbreak Hotel
 Monica's/Before You walk out of my life
Craig David & Stings Rise & Fall
 JoJo's /Leave Get out
Fantasias/ Truth is
He has made things for Seal, Backstreet Boys, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams  Leona Williams
Since 2000 he and Karlin his work partner has produced numbers for Usher, Alesha Dixon, Cheryl Cole and all the others above.

And then we have Cutfather who is a songwriter and producer. He has produced Mark Morrisons hit Return of the mack, Jamelias "Superstar" and he has work with no other than Kylie, Aguilera, Pixie Lott, Jordin Sparks, Brandy, Robyn, Pussycat Dolls, Westlife etc. 

So if Denmark is a places without any talent well, some of your greatest artist may not even have had a hit!! Think about that!

History lesson number 2:

Did you know that Denmark is the first place in the world that allowed homosexualls/gay (what's the correct term without defending anyone?) people to get married and that was already back in 1989!!  The 7th June 1989 to be exactly.
History lesson ends here.

Sarah is a young girl - gay- so be it, but stop putting a label on her. She's a human being, she has feelings and she reads what you write about her. She is talented and she is only 15 and she first startet singing a year ago, so before you judge her singing think about that.

See ya 

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